Different Characteristics of Independent Escorts

Different Characteristics of Independent Escorts

Just like any other vocation escorting is made up of ladies with different traits. Someone’s character can be defined as a feature or aggregate and traits that form an individual’s nature. When it comes to escorts, below are two negative traits of female escorts.

Materialistic Independent escorts

In this point, I’m interested in female escorts who work for material shallow gain. This is quite a new kind of escorting which is becoming increasingly common. A selfish female escort aspires to obtain symbols that uplift her rank in the social ladder. In developed countries, materials like a channel handbag are a sign of wealth. Worse still, those who are richer, prettier and powerful are considered better than the rest. Theoretically, this sounds insane, but societies in developed countries promote altered ideas.

During my first years as an independent escort , I spent every coin I earned at once. I bought lush silk blouses, Louis Vuitton, fancy dresses, Prada, beautiful shoes among other things. I bought everything I desired and still have most of those items which I’ve now realized have no sappy value. Later on in life, I’ve now realized that the simplest things are the ones that make me feel truly happy. I’m now an active female escort but not for fiscal gain. I’m in it because of the exciting pleasure it brings me. I enjoy every single day of my life because I’ve learn the secret of true happiness.

Different Characteristics of Independent Escorts

Independent drug addicted escorts

There is an irony related with independent escorts. People believe independent female escorts working in the city of Chennai are the richest. This is however not true to some extent. There are some Independent female escorts in Chennai who earn thousands in a week but live in abject poverty.

Young girls from low class or poor sets have greatly joined female escorts profession. Because of their youth and beauty they tend to get rich and wealthy clients for kind amounts. Some are thus able to get themselves out of poverty. But, some independent female escorts are drug addicts. And since they have money, they tend to use high class drugs like cocaine to deal with their misery. They are thus earning much but living in terrible state of affairs. I’ve seen other female escorts using partying, alcohol and painkillers to cope with their misery.

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